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Make Purpose Your Company’s Foundation

Shripriya Mahesh discusses the value of purpose at the Product Leader Summit

  • Dr. Consulta is able to hire and retain the best doctors and staff in the country
  • Patients are able to see a Dr. Consulta doctor in less than two weeks and at an affordable price of $30/visit
  • Patient satisfaction is at 98%
  • 100% of the clinics are profitable a year after opening for business

“We’re looking for companies that fuse purpose and profit.”

Bottom Line Benefits

  • 2x higher job satisfaction
  • 1.4x more engagement at work
  • Are 3x more likely to stay with their organization
  • eBay: “Empowering people and creating economic opportunity.” ($40 billion)
  • AirBnb: “Making people around the world feel they could belong anywhere.” ($31 billion)
  • Tesla: “Accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy.” ($49 billion)

“When you have purpose on your side, it’s like a secret weapon.”

Build Your Cathedral

“As product leaders, there is literally nothing you can’t build. Ask yourself: What is the cathedral I want to build?”



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