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Secure the Bag: The New Rules of Raising Venture Capital

Pitch and follow through (Part 4 of 4)

Soil — Seed — Series A — Growth Stage

If your investor is not moving you quickly through their process and in regular communication with you, it’s almost certainly a no.

Slides are a crutch. Be ready to deliver your pitch without them. The day will come when you have no choice.

Prepare your mind ahead of time so you can stay cool in any situation.

Investors want to see that you are open-minded and can take feedback, and that you’re able to remain calm and focused under pressure.

Ryan gave me permission to use his excellent follow-up email as a guide for other founders
  • Expressing thanks for their time
  • Summarizing key points from the conversation
  • Link or attach any additional materials or details they may have expressed interest in
  • Asking what open questions they still have and what else you can share with them

A smaller raise at a smaller valuation can sometimes be wise. Don’t get ahead of where you are traction-wise.

My talk on Raising Venture Capital: Think Like a VC to Successfully Raise for your Startup



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