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Drone Photography Makes Buying Property Abroad Easier

A foreign property purchase can be a scary prospect. You want to know every detail about the area, the amenities, the views, and of course, the layout and interior of the house itself. However, looking at a few photos of the home can be highly misleading. When your money is on the line, and your vacation property dreams are about to come true, being certain about an overseas property purchase is a must. Enter aerial photography and drones.

Now that drones are readily accessible for real estate professionals, getting a detailed look at your potential real estate purchase abroad is easy.

A Broad Variety of Images
Drones offer aerial photography and video, encompassing all of the views you need. They help you make a decision on your property purchase by providing the following:

  • Shots capturing every angle of the home and property features such as a pool, outbuildings, ponds, and more
  • Clear sites of the property line
  • Lower elevated shots for close-up imagery that’s not easily caught using conventional real estate photography
  • Aerial views of the surrounding neighbourhood and area
  • The proximity of the home to neighbouring houses for a better understanding of property size and privacy
  • A perspective of property views, such as mountain ranges, the ocean, and the city line
  • The house’s proximity to amenities
Example Drone Real Estate View (See https://projects.spexigeo.com/5366-chamberlayne-way)

Aerial Mapping
Drone technology has advanced since it was first introduced to the real estate photography industry. Drones offer aerial photography beyond the basics, expanding to 2D and 3D mapping.

This new technology allows drone photographers to capture a realistic view of the home and property from a number of angles. You can see the property, home, and its surroundings much like you would if you were actually there.

3D Virtual Tours
3D fly-throughs provide a walking tour of the property, allowing you to follow the drone camera on its trip along paths, through fields, over hills, and more, as if you were there in person. Many real estate agents will even include an interior tour of the home, permitting you to get a more authentic feel for the layout and where the halls and stairways lead.

3D virtual tours also provide clear imagery for the views from within the home or from property features, such as patios, balconies, and porches. These are the little details that contribute to a vacation property purchase.

Village Tours
Many real estate agents who understand their target buyer will arrange for aerial village tours as well. They know that most clients are viewing the property across the ocean, a continent away or from several towns, states, or countries over. Either way, they know that the potential real estate purchase is usually not from local buyers.

An aerial village tour allows you to see everything that will be part of your vacation experience from local vineyards, orchards, and farms to the beach scene, shopping, and roads.

Putting Things in Context
Viewing the grounds of larger properties can be confusing when you are simply provided with a series of images. Real estate imagery for multiple acres demands better context when someone is buying abroad.

Drones provide context for sprawling properties, including important details such as the proximity to private lakes and waterways or a view of property challenges such as steep hills or rocky or desert-like surroundings.

You can also see how far it might be to outbuildings, stables, tennis courts, or even a swimming pool for larger condominium complexes.

View of the Approach
Often, the charm and appeal of a home are missed with typical real estate photos, especially when it has unique features. For example, the approach to a house can have a huge impact when you arrive in person. However, if you are simply looking at standard images, you might miss the twisting driveway sheltered by shady palm trees or a regal gate and fountain in a circular drive.

These details add to the curb appeal of a house and also help you get a feel for the lifestyle you can lead.

Building Trust
Drones and aerial photography are used by agents to help provide the most realistic views of a property. This is because they offer views from all aspects, permitting potential buyers to get a truer picture of the property and its surroundings.

Aerial photos make it difficult to use common photography tricks. Taking images from a misleading perspective and using wide angle lenses to increase the size of a space are common tricks used in real estate. With drones, you get the full picture so that you can avoid being misled.

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