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Greetings from Spexi’s CEO Bill Lakeland

I would like to introduce Spexi Geospatial as a commercial drone services company, proudly Canadian born, and looking to the skies to strengthen our global reach.

Our team of aerial survey specialists, software engineers, and industry visionaries have been busy creating drone services catered more directly to consumers’ wants and needs, and making these amazing services available to everyone.

There’s no doubt that drones are here for good, especially given the exponential and ongoing growth of drone sales. With a rising wave of consumer-drones equipped with professional photo, video, and data collection payloads, Spexi’s engineering team will continue to polish our customer experience and to unlock all the incredible potential.

We look forward to using this blog to share this exciting journey and listen to your thoughts and ideas.

Happy flying!

Bill Lakeland



Spexi empowers drone hobbyists and professionals alike to unlock the power of drone technology and help deliver aerial intelligence at scale. This is where you'll find Spexi news, industry insight and think pieces.

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