Is ring builder really the experience your users need? What are the technical challenges?

Hiren Donda
Apr 8, 2020 · 3 min read

Do you have a jewellery website and do online selling or aspire to have one? then you need to read this today.

Jewellery market has been an untapped market for years in case of online selling because it is something people still opted more to buy from jewellery stores than to buy from jewellery websites.

Looking deeply into this situation, we can easily conclude that:

  1. Stores are neither easier to access than websites.
  2. Nor do stores provide complete information about current running rates.
  3. A person needs to make time to visit and select his favourite pattern.
  4. They have limited inventory/Variety.
  5. No Discount Codes, fewer Savings for customers.

And the list goes on…

From every other angle, the jewellery stores are having a limitation which is unknowingly keeping their sales limited and boundaries stopping them to grow.

The only advantage they have is that customers can easily customize their own ring, pendant/necklace etc over there and that’s where they are making the most money.

So it might be possible that when customers enabled to make their own ring online then they will surely prefer to always buy jewellery online. Because probably that is what is keeping them to visit offline/physical stores.

Finally, it proves that the ring builder feature is the one users really need in the market of the e-commerce world and could be in great demand in the upcoming years.

The technology needs to be updated this way that online ring builder is possible. There are many challenges to building such a module which is not even there in the market. Challenges like finding a developer, and also there are many attributes so handling and managing all the attributes is not so easy.

There are though some ring builders available, but not working the way it should be.

In short, the proper solution is so far not available! And the available solutions need too many fixes. There are a lot of technical problems to initiate this feature from working smoothly.

There is one Woo Choice Plugin Woo Choice Plugin[WBC] Plugin available for Wordpress which is developed considering all the facts and problems and which works very close to perfect.

Because creating an experience of customizing jewellery of the offline store into an online website is not so easy.

But we can say that at least it is available and also does the work. You can easily get an increase in sales. It works something like this, as shown in the image below:

Another challenge that probably can be faced is good UI (User Interface). If the feature is developed and it does not look good or suit with the theme of the website then the users will not even try to use. Also, the fast process was the desired goal. Because there has to be code without any mistake and that too running smoothly

Because users like to visit a website looking good in the frontend. Developing a great UI is not always possible by the developers. Developers are good at coding, and for User Interface one more expert in that needs to be hired.

It is built now completely user-friendly because the user experiences easy navigation of step by step making a ring. Firstly the ring, then the solitaire and then finally the review step. It is as simple as that.

But many people still believe that custom designing jewellery online is a very time consuming and prohibited method. But it is not so because the internet has changed everything. It has made many complex tasks into simple.


  1. It saves you time — no need to go anywhere.
  2. No Limitation of Inventory.
  3. Faster Process.

Moreover, lab-grown diamonds are all the buzz right now in the diamond industry. If you are selling lab-grown diamonds or CVD diamond or you are looking for Rapnet integration extension then above plugin is what you want to get started. This will be helpful to you if you are selling both.


At Sphere Plugins, we aim to build the solutions for known but yet unaddressed problems.


There is been a time when we were quite busy providing services and developing custom projects, in that time we code a lot and back in 2018, the idea came to our mind to put our code ideas & efforts to solve some specific problems.

Hiren Donda

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There is been a time when we were quite busy providing services and developing custom projects, in that time we code a lot and back in 2018, the idea came to our mind to put our code ideas & efforts to solve some specific problems.

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