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Closing a Key Gap in DSCSA Compliance

In November 2013, the US Congress enacted the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) with a 10 year lead time in order to enforce assurance over pharmaceutical drug distribution from manufacturers all the way to dispensers. One critical requirement is the assurance that interactions happen exclusively between Authorized Trading Partners (ATP), i.e. properly registered entities.

Born out of an industry-wide pilot, the Open Credentialing Initiative (OCI) has made it its mission to support pharmaceutical supply chain actors in achieving compliance with exactly that DSCSA requirement by the 2023 deadline.

Read more about the origin, purpose, and our work at OCI in my piece in Pharmaceutical Commerce’s June issue. Explore how OCI has standardized the design, issuance, and management of electronic credentials. This baseline enables software companies to develop interoperable DSCSA solutions for their supply chain customers.

Two OCI founding members, Spherity and Legisym, have released a joint web-based service facilitating fully automated mutual ATP checks between supply chain actors from manufacturers to dispensers. This app is in alignment with both OCI and DSCSA requirements.

Spherity / OCI — DSCSA

Dive deeper

Read Pharmaceutical Commerce: https://www.pharmaceuticalcommerce.com/view/closing-a-key-gap-in-dscsa-compliance

Explore OCI: https://www.oc-i.org/

Discover Spherity’s OCI-aligned Credentialing Service CARO: https://www.caro.vc/



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