Dr. Carsten Stöcker joins as Ocean Protocol’s Advisor

Helping to launch a Data Economy around Ocean

We are proud to announce that Spherity’s CEO Carsten Stöcker has joined as an advisor to the Ocean Protocol. Ocean, as you might know, is one of the leading decentralised data exchange projects to unlock the value of data by connecting data owners with data scientists. Carsten Stöcker brings in his immense knowledge on IoT and machine economy to make the Ocean’s team even more empowered.

Ocean Protocol — the Future of Data Marketplaces — Photo by Ocean Protocol

We, at Spherity, are especially excited about this development as both the companies will bring their experiences together to form a synergy of Spherity’s Industry 4.0 solutions and Ocean’s data science services. Carsten and Ocean’s association is not a new one as both of them were introduced way back in 2016 at the BigchainDB’s announcement. During that time, Carsten was leading the blockchain lighthouse at the innogy Innovation Hub and this meeting of like-minded souls instantly synced. RWE was BigchainDB’s first industry partner in exploring blockchain and data back in the day.

Dr. Carsten Stöcker — Photo by TEDx

This synergies even accelerate when speaking of Carstens newest project: The Interlinked Protocol. Interlinked Protocol was announced on September 10 and is a community-driven project, first conceptualised by Carsten Stöcker and Michael Rüther. Interlinked is providing a decentral technology layer for verifiable digital twins. Digital twins can store the entire life-cycle of an object, machine or software agent.

Therefore Interlinked Protocol’s digital twins are a premium data source for Ocean Protocol users. These digital twins provide provenance about data value chains, including verifiable information over the source or the processing of a data set in relationship to machine identities. This verifiability provides an additional trust layer for data scientists.

You can also find Carsten’s detailed interview with Ocean here.

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