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How we keep track of trusted credential issuers

Spherity has built an Ethereum-based trusted issuer registry for use in the US pharmaceutical supply chain

SSI Trust Triangle

SSI Trust Triangle. Source: Spherity glossary

The issuer in the physical world

meme — Oprah giving away credentials to everyone
Credit: Xhoel & Joan Leka

The issuer in the digital world

  • Always available: As long as the Ethereum blockchain is alive and kicking, so will the access to the registry.
  • Trustless: It allows OCI to design a governance structure and architecture which ensure that the registry is not owned or controlled by a single entity.
  • Transparent: The code and completed interactions with the registry are public and, thus, viewable by anyone.
  • Auditable: Previous states of the registry can be retrieved. Thus, events and governance decisions at any point in the past can be investigated.
  • Secure: Only trusted entities are enabled to make changes to the registry. A cryptographically enforced governance protocol takes care of this.
Ethereum smart contract for trusted issuer registry management. Source: OCI GitHub




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