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rfxcel integrates Spherity Credentialing Service to enable DSCSA Authorized Trading Partner Compliance for its Customers

Beginning in June, rfxcel customers can use the service to confirm their authorized trading partner status in saleable return verification

Spherity, the German decentralized digital identity specialist, announces a partnership with rfxcel, a U.S. based global leader in digital supply chain traceability solutions.

rfxcel integrates Spherity Credentialing Service to enable DSCSA Authorized Trading Partner Compliance for its Customers

This strategic partnership will see the integration of the Spherity Credentialing Service in rfxcel’s verification routing service software. With that integration in place, rfxcel can offer their customers a solution to establish a digital enterprise identity and credentialize their state and FEI license becoming an electronically verifiable authorized trading partner (ATP) under the U.S. Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). From June onwards, rfxcel customers can use the Spherity Credentialing Service to attach their authorized trading partner status in saleable return verifications of products.

Herb Wong, Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Initiatives at rfxcel says “The Spherity Credentialing Service is the most comprehensive effort to address the upcoming Authorized Trading Partner requirement for DSCSA. rfxcel was impressed to see how seamlessly it integrated with our solution.” The primary objective of the partnership is to deliver a secure solution to rfxcel’s customers, establishing trust in digital interactions between trading partners in pharmaceutical supply chains, and to ensure compliance with the U.S. Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).

To drive industry adoption of the provided solution, Spherity and rfxcel are both members of the Open Credentialing Initiative. The consortium is working on rolling out, standardizing and exploring credential based implementations along the pharmaceutical supply chain.

“rfxcel, as an innovation pioneer in the industry, and Spherity have been a good fit from the very beginning, since the start of the collaboration. We are now very proud that rfxcel is offering our new Spherity Credentialing Service to their customers and look forward to delivering further integrations to establish trust in supply chains.” says Dr. Carsten Stöcker, CEO at Spherity.

About rfxcel

Part of Antares Vision Group, rfxcel provides leading-edge software solutions to help companies build and manage their digital supply chain, lower costs, and protect their products and brand reputations. Blue-chip organizations in the life sciences (pharmaceuticals and medical devices), food and beverage, worldwide government, and consumer goods industries trust rfxcel’s signature Traceability System (rTS) to power end-to-end supply chain solutions in key areas such as track and trace, environmental monitoring, regulatory compliance, serialization, and visibility. Founded in 2003, the company is headquartered in the United States and has offices in the United Kingdom, the EU, Latin America, Russia, India, Japan, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region.

About Spherity

Spherity is building decentralized digital identity management solutions to power the fourth industrial revolution, bringing secure identities to enterprises, machines, products, data and even algorithms. We provide the enabling technology to digitize and automate compliance processes primarily in highly-regulated technical sectors like pharmaceuticals, automotive and logistics. Spherity’s decentralized cloud identity wallet empowers cyber security, efficiency and data interoperability among digital value chains. Spherity is certified according to the information security standard ISO 27001.

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