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Spherity partners IDunion Trusted Identity Ecosystem

Spherity becomes Partner in German Government’s Secure Digital Identity Project

Spherity announces that it has become a partner of the IDunion project. The project is funded within the innovation framework “Showcase secure digital identities” of the German government (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy). Spherity is entrusted on the application of cloud identity technology in the healthcare industry.

Spherity joins IDunion Trusted Identity Ecosystem

IDunion aims to provide identity solutions for business, government, and citizens that are user-friendly, trustworthy, and economical. The consortium and its partners will establish a decentralized identity ecosystem for individuals, companies and machines.

Within the IDunion project Spherity is entrusted with the application of cloud identity technology in the healthcare industry. Secure and portable identities are necessary prerequisites for seamless e-health applications. In this context, secure digital identities are equally necessary for patients, healthcare professionals and healthcare institutions.

Applying a decentralized digital identity (SSI*) approach to the management of e.g. patient data, legal requirements for data protection can be fulfilled, patient rights can be strengthened and the efficiency of digital system solutions can be significantly improved.

In the project, these decentralized technologies will be linked with central systems such as Gematik infrastructure and health insurance systems for issuing and storing certificates, so that a corresponding hybrid architecture is created. Demonstrators and field tests will be created in the areas of telemedicine, e-prescription or electronic certificates of incapacity to work or digital vaccination cards.

Spherity will further operate a node of the decentralized, heterogeneously distributed IDunion test network, which will be European legal framework (GDPR and eIDAS) compliant.

About IDunion

IDunion develops a basic infrastructure for the verification of identity data. For this purpose, a distributed database will be jointly operated, which will be managed by a European cooperative. The network will be set up and managed by various actors consisting of private companies, associations, cooperatives, government institutions, educational institutions and other legal entities.

About Spherity

Spherity is building decentralized digital identity management solutions to power the fourth industrial revolution, bringing secure identities to enterprises, machines, products, data and even algorithms. We provide the enabling technology to digitize and automate compliance processes primarily on highly-regulated technical sectors like pharmaceuticals, automotive and logistics. Spherity’s decentralized cloud identity wallet empowers cyber security, efficiency and data interoperability among digital value chains. Spherity is certified according to the information security standard ISO 27001.

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