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Spherity successfully achieves SAP Certified Cloud Solution status

The Spherity Credentialing Service is now integrated and available on the SAP Information Collaboration Hub for Life Sciences

Spherity the German digital identity specialist achieves SAP Certified Cloud Solution status. This certificate confirms the technical compliance of the Spherity Credentialing Service with SAP certification procedures.

SAP-certified Spherity Credentialing Service — Photo by Sasha Stories

Along with the certification, the Spherity Credentialing Service has now been integrated with the SAP Information Collaboration Hub for Life Sciences. The SAP Information Collaboration Hub is a cloud platform connecting pharmaceutical organizations and their supply chain partners on a safe and trusted network. With Spherity’s certified service offering, SAP customers can use the Spherity Credentialing Service to comply with the U.S. Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) requirement for Authorized Trading Partners.

“SAP and Spherity collaborate to address the DSCSA compliance gap for Authorized Trading Partners. With our Spherity Credentialing Service integration in place, SAP customers can become an authorized trading partner within minutes.” says Georg Jürgens, Manager Industry Solutions at Spherity.

The Spherity Credentialing Service enables supply chain actors to verify in real time that they are exchanging information with Authorized Trading Partners (ATP) only as per U.S. DSCSA requirements, even when they do not have a direct business relationship yet. Spherity’s service sets the benchmark for compliance solutions in the field of trading partner verification. Beyond U.S. DSCSA compliance, Spherity leverages process efficiencies of exchanging data with indirect business partners by avoiding manual and time consuming due diligence processes. Thus, saving significant time and money for all participants in the ecosystem.

About Spherity

Spherity is a German decentralized digital identity software provider, bringing secure identities to enterprises, machines, products, data and even algorithms. We provide the enabling technology to digitize and automate compliance processes primarily on highly-regulated technical sectors like pharmaceuticals, automotive and logistics. Spherity’s decentralized cloud identity wallet empowers cybersecurity, efficiency and data interoperability among digital value chains. Spherity is certified according to the information security standard ISO 27001.

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