Spherium Enters the NFFT Blockverse

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May 5 · 2 min read

Supporting the Next Big Step Forward in NFTs

The NFT (non-fungible token) space has been well and truly heating up in recent months, with some of the world’s best artists, designers and musicians taking back control of their content and utilising the power of smart contracts to cut out middlemen services and reap the benefits of true ownership.

At Spherium we are always looking for ways to collaborate with and support the most exciting protocols and platforms in the blockchain industry that will work with us to shape the future. Several pioneering platforms have emerged in recent times that give people a place to create, buy, sell and store their NFTs, but one platform in particular that promises to shake up the space is NFFT.

What is NFFT?

The NFFT platform consists of 9112 sellable and transferable NFT type blocks located on the Ethereum blockchain. NFFT blocks differ from simple NFT smart contracts as they are fillable, giving block holders the opportunity to edit and change the content within the smart contract; owners can also transfer ownership rights of an ownedblock should they desire.

This fillability opens up a new world of possibilities for NFTs and digital art; collectible game cards can change state periodically or after a sports event, new music tracks can be unlocked for fans upon completion of challenges and a whole lot more. The current limitations on NFTs after they have been minted are gone thanks to NFFT, giving people the chance to enjoy and create in the NFT world like never before.

Each Block is one base unit which is a 15x15 set of pixels. 15x15 pixels is the smallest unit of NFFT, and that is called a Common Block, with all blocks displayed on the NFFT.com platform and showcasing the creativity of block owners and the community, with images, links and artworks colouring the palette of the platform.

Spherium Purchases 5 Blocks in the NFFT Blockverse

With the trailblazing fillability that NFFT offers, it is of no surprise that 70% of the 9112 completely customisable blocks available to buy on the platform were bought within just 24 hours of the platform’s launch. We are happy to have been able to support NFFT with the purchase of 5 blocks that we will be utilizing in the coming months; the blocks will be up for grabs in upcoming artwork competitions and as incentivization for the Spherium community.

“We are happy to be a part of the early community in the NFFT Blockverse, supporting the growth of a platform that we believe will become a big player in the future of NFTs, digital art and much more besides. These five blocks have infinite potential and we’re looking forward to seeing what becomes of them in the coming months!” — Sash Jeetun, Spherium COO

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