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Spherium Finance and DoraHacks Join Hands.

Spherium Finance and DoraHacks Join Hands for Strategic DeFi Development

DoraHacks are one of the biggest communities in the world for Blockchain Developers. Conducting hackathons all over the world DoraHacks are a premier platform for Hackathons, supporting Blockchain and Crypto Developers.

Today, we are proud to announce a new partnership between Spherium Finance and Dorahacks. A partnership that will bring immense value that can be utilised by the DeFi and Blockchain community.

To kickstart our joint efforts, we are launching our SPHRI token on PentaLaunch, which is a product of DoraHacks.

Welcoming the Developer communities from DoraHacks to our Spherium platform, build Apps, and help us shape the future of DeFi together.

We will support and partner with DoraHacks for their worldwide Hackathons since at Spherium, we believe that it will be Blockchain developers that build a new ecosystem that will interact with smart contracts, creating tokenised economies all over the world, further ingraining trust into our collaborative systems.

We have also invited DoraHacks to list their token on our Cross Chain interoperable AMM platform, HyperSwap, so that their token DORA may be available on Ethereum as well as Binance Smart Chain.

We are happy, humbled and proud to begin a long lasting, strong relationship with DoraHacks.



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