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Spherium Finance Token Smart Contract Audit Update

Spherium Finance successfully completes token smart contract security audits from QuillHash and PeckShield.

Security is the cornerstone of every blockchain project and at Spherium Finance, we pay special attention to it.

Our security audit involves multiple steps, including internal audits, peer review, and external audits. Spherium Development team finished internal audits and peer review, followed by the implementation and fixing of known vulnerabilities.

And as a part of our external auditing exercise, we’re glad to inform our community that Spherium Finance’s token smart contract has been audited by PeckShield, followed by a platform security audit by QuillHash.

In line with our transparency standards, here are some important findings of the external audit reports.

Findings of Token Smart Contract Security Audits

Spherium Finance’s token smart contract audit process involved

  • Identification of Basic Coding Bugs: The first step of the auditing process involves a thorough analysis of the smart contract using a proprietary static code analyzer for known coding bugs, and then the identified issues are manually verified by security engineers.
  • Semantic Consistency Checks: The second step involves manual checking of the logic of implemented smart contracts and comparison with the description in the white paper.
  • Advanced DeFi Scrutiny: The third step comprises a detailed review of business logics, examination of system operations, and scrutinisation of DeFi-related aspects of the contract to uncover possible pitfalls and/or bugs.

Each security agency provided recommendations in addition to their security audit findings.

Spherium Finance’s smart contract was found to be well-designed and engineered.

Image: Token Smart Contract Audit Findings

All the issues identified during the security audit were rectified. Spherium development team conducted multiple internal audits along with consecutive external audits.

Spherium Finance is dedicated to safeguarding the funds of its token sale participants and ecosystem partners. We’ll continue following a recursive security management process to protect your contributions.

PeckShield Report.

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The Spherium Finance platform offers a complete suite of financial services comprising a universal wallet, token swap platform, money markets, and inter-blockchain liquidity transfer. Our platform will function as a global financial service provider, extending fundamental financial services to the unbanked.

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