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Introducing SPRK Lightning Lab

When creativity strikes… Make. Code. Share.

Sphero Edu
Dec 7, 2015 · 3 min read

Every day the Sphero team is inspired by the ways the SPRK community uses Sphero for teaching and learning. Sphero is transforming education as students, teachers, parents, and makers express themselves through code, art, STEM, and hands-on experiments. We are committed to helping educators develop meaningful experiences with Sphero and collaborating on a global scale.

SPRK would not exist without the support of the EDU community. We took your feedback and created a platform where teachers, students, and makers can virtually gather to share ideas. We can’t wait to see more Spheros in action as we roll into 2016.

We are thrilled to announce the release of SPRK Lightning Lab. Your hub to create, contribute, and learn with Sphero. Join the growing community and browse through unique programming activities to complete with your robot, all within the platform. Share your creations to inspire and be inspired, like and comment on posted activities, and collaborate with other users around the world to innovate the world of education.

Lightning Lab is built for makers, students, instructors, and parents. The interactive platform allows you to keep track of your class or group from one easy place. Assign an activity, allow the user to start and learn at their own pace, follow their progress, and evaluate the results online. Lesson PDF’s are now a thing of the past. Lightning Lab is the latest version of the existing SPRK app, and syncs your data between the app and website. Anyone can save their progress, jump from device to device, and continue the discovery from anywhere. When creativity strikes… Make. Code. Share.

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Program your robot

  • Download the Lightning Lab mobile app and program your robot utilizing block-based building.
  • Save your work by creating an account and jump between the app and web platform.
  • Share your programs with the community by making them public.
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View and share activities

  • Browse creative activities made by Sphero and educators around the world.
  • Create your own and share it with the community.
  • Examples of activities include light painting and mimicking planetary motion with your robots.

School Support

  • Setup a virtual classroom with student logins and assign activities, track progress in real-time, and review student work.
  • Sign in to Lightning Lab with your Clever account. We’ll continue to add support for more sign on services in the future.
  • Create a private activity and administer it to your class without sharing it to the entire community.

We are launching SPRK Lightning Lab simultaneously with the global Hour of Code movement. Tens of millions of students will be participating in Hour of Code during December 7–13, in celebration of Computer Science Education Week.

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Sign up for Lightning Lab and organize an Hour of Code event with Sphero at your school or in your community and get a free Lighting Lab + HoC poster for your classroom. Must sign up by December 14th and enter your address in Settings.

Details here:
Posters will be shipped in January. U.S and Canada only at this time.

Download the SPRK Lightning Lab app or update your existing SPRK app.


Schools, Parents, Robots, Kids.

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