Space: The Final Fun-Tier

CSEd Week is go for launch

As educators, we always want our students to shoot for the stars. And right now, we mean it literally. Sphero Edu is spacing out for Computer Science Education Week. Ok, neat! But, why space? What does it really have to do with computer science?

Well, let’s face it, space is awesome. But, if you need more detail than that… Space is considered to be the final frontier of exploration, with computers at the forefront. Whether it’s creating space simulations, analyzing data, calculating complex variables or designing spacecraft, space exploration wouldn’t be possible (or it would at least be a LOT harder) without computer science.

So we went ahead and geeked out in our research, because… IT’S OUTER SPACE. Aside from making precise calculations, we found that computers (used with telescopes) help capture images of the great beyond, discover the unknown, and keep tabs on objects floating in orbit. They aid in communications, robotics, and even monitoring the living conditions of spacecraft. It’s more a question of what DON’T computers do when it comes to space exploration…

We even discovered pioneering computer scientists like Margaret Hamilton, who is credited with coining the term “software engineering”. Hamilton, who was part of the MIT team working with NASA, led the effort to build Apollo 11’s on-board flight software, which landed the first humans on the moon. If that isn’t inspiring… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The concept of space as a focus was different and super exciting, and if it felt like that to the Sphero Edu team, then it would surely get educators and students ramped up for Hour of Code and CSEd Week. After all, who didn’t at least consider becoming an astronaut when they grew up? And hey, what better way to start your own explorations than with the toolset provided by Sphero Edu? Dive in to robotics, programming, computer science, and above all, FUN. After all, one SPRK+ robot has way more processing power than the first computers on Apollo 11. TRUE STORY.

So, this year for CSEd week, the Sphero Edu team is embracing all things space. Stay tuned for all kinds of fun facts, space-themed programs and activities, sweet deals, and more. Just because Mercury is retrograde doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to have fun. Start the countdown. Computer Science Education Week is about to blast off in 3…2…1…