A Salad Story: When Cucumber Meets Mango

Why you should save your preciousity.

Girls, girls girls, when it comes to love we always end up with the physical aspect of showing affection. What we’re never told is, that it can be traumatic for you, and your first love never deserve your first night, let me explain.

My first time was kind of traumatic. Thinking back to it I kind of regret it because small red flags should have warned me that this guy didn’t deserved it.

There’re a few things you should notice and it will give you a warning. First of all him telling you “not giving me your flower means that you don’t love me”.

RUN AWAY! that’s what you call emotional blackmail. It means that he don’t love you he only loves what you’re about to give to him.

Some boys -man don’t act like that- will start pressuring you in different ways, when you’re in privacy getting some hot moment he’ll try to go further. Stop that girl! Go home no need to feel guilty he’s an ass and doesn’t respect you.

One of the worst thing you can face is the “mean boy”, yes that does exist, this guy clearly got a complex and make you pay that complex by telling you mean thing.

He will spend his time telling you how much weight you’ve gained, how you’re not pretty enough, how you should hide your face under 20 kg of make up, how he can find so much better…and so on.

He will try to make you feel like crap, like you can’t get any better. Guess what? That’s totally wrong, actually he doesn’t deserve you and he knows it so the best way for him to keep you is to make you feel worst than he is. There’s one thing you should do, leave that motha fucka right away, and see who can find so much better.

Sometimes you can meet a mama’s boy, I hate those, always comparing you to their mum until you rich the point of never wanting to meet her even if that poor lady didn’t do anything.

The problem is most of the time she’ll hate you for taking away her son. So you have to options, either you man is a man and says stop to his mum, either he’s still her baby and make up excuses for her attitude. Don’t waist your time just go.

One of my favourite type of guys are the selfish ones, they just thing about satisfying yourself, they want you to eat that cucumber.

But when it comes for him to eat that mango he’ll be like “no I don’t do that, mangos are ugly”, really?! As if cucumbers were super sexy, ugliest thing ever!

My first time was with a selfish guy, and I since keep a bad memory. Because he told me this exact thing, and even if I was 18, I was still insecure about my body.

I should have run away instead of being OK with that, if I knew I would have let him right away with his cucumber saying hello to the world.

Those are the gentle side, yes I said gentle, because there’s one type of guy that’s even worst than the precious cases, the vicious one.

He’ll act like the perfect guy, and stab you, either he’ll cheat on you -that’s the best situation- either he’ll give you a reputation that you do not deserve, because you gave yourself out of love.

When you meet one of those cases, please for your own sake ladies run away, because these situations leave scary damages and changes you and how you perceive yourself.

Keep that precious sweet candy as untouched as possible, the man that deserves it will appreciate the waiting, he’ll appreciate how much you value yourself enough to say “no I’m not ready wait!”.

He’ll give everything for you to feel comfortable, naked, with and without make up, dressed to kill or in your pj, he’ll still find a charm seeing you as a woman, as yourself, not just like the mango he wants have, not just like a pair of two juicy melons.

He’ll love the woman making statement and decisions, the princess being picky, the little girl asking to be protected, the lazy teenage girl wandering around the house at 12 and eating junk food.

As experience taught me, you must be picky and exigent before going further in a relationship, and when you get what you wanted you can make concessions. If you do the process in the wrong way, you’ll be the one suffering.

So ladies and you young ladies starting to discover love and your body, please keep that good good for a good good man.

O. the bitch