Announcing the end of our pre-sale and the opening of SPiCE VC public token sale

After many months of hard work, the day has finally arrived: we just closed our pre-sale and have opened our site for the public token sale of SPiCE VC.

When we started this project we wanted to build the best tokenized VC fund on the blockchain leveraging this exciting technology to provide liquidity, inclusivity and transparency to the world of venture capital and to demonstrate that you can also execute a legal and properly regulated security token sale.

Today we are announcing that SPiCE VC has received over $40M in commitments during the pre-sale period which makes us the largest tokenized fund in the industry. We want to thank all the people and institutions that have put their trust in us and have supported us greatly to make this project successful.

We cannot tell you how excited we are about this project and how much impact we believe it can bring to the entire venture capital industry by showing everyone that there is a different way of doing things. Asset-backed tokenization will disrupt the ownership of trillions of dollars worth of funds, companies and assets and SPiCE VC is leading this revolution.

We will follow up shortly with more exciting news about some of the partners that have come on board as investors in SPiCE VC and about our first investments.

Stay tuned and join us in this exciting project at and join the conversation at our Telegram channel:

The SPiCE VC team

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