Bancor Meets SPiCE VC: Bringing Liquidity to Security Tokens

We believe all paper-based security certificates will eventually be replaced by digital securities on the Blockchain.

Ami Ben-David
Nov 12, 2017 · 7 min read
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Enter SPiCE VC

Because the analog structure of VC funds is severely limiting the resources available to tech innovation outside Silicon Valley and the closed networks of the influentials.

Security token potential in the Venture Capital space.

How blockchains helps — tokenizing securities

Why Blockchain?

More Liquidity = More Inclusivity

Security Tokens Meet Bancor

We strongly believe bringing liquidity to securities is one of Bancor’s top killer use cases, with applications potentially far beyond utility tokens in scope and market size.

Example Use Case

We believe making all stocks and other securities digital, will do to the business world what streaming music has done to vinyl records — it will allow securities to flow much more freely and efficiently, and will revolutionize the concepts of ownership.

SPiCE is a new Liquid VC fund using tokens to disrupt the venture capital space.

SPiCE was founded by a team of entrepreneurs including Carlos Domingo, former CTO of Telefonica and a VC investor, Tal Elyashiv, former CIO at Bank of America and founder/angel investor of multiple startups, and Ami Ben David, seriel entrepreneur, founder of EverythingMe and a product innovator. Advisors include Eyal Herzog, Product Architect at Bancor, Loic Le Meur, founder of Le Web, and Brendan Eich, inventor of Javascript, and founder of Brave (BAT).

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Disrupting the world of venture capital with the Blockchain

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Disrupting the world of venture capital with the Blockchain