How to Save an Hour a Day

How to properly manage your communication, and save a lot of time by using the right productivity app

Professionals working daily hours know the struggle of having to manage all those daily tasks. It’s a burden. Today people rely on so many different tools and services for managing their daily tasks, that staying on top of everything becomes more and more time consuming.

There are solutions to make this easier for people. Most people would be surprised by the average amount people spend working just on email. According to a recent Canadian survey, on average people spend around 17 hours a week on email, both reading and responding. This results for people spending an average of 2.3 hours a day on email while at the office, and spending 1.1 hours while working from home.

With Hop, you save around 30% of the time you spend on email. As the average time spent emailing can be several daily hours, Hop can potentially result in saving a good hour of your day. An hour a day is a very substantial amount of time, just imagine what you could do with that extra hour.

You might ask how this is possible. Well let’s start with the basics: When starting your day, just opening your inbox is overwhelming as it is filled with messages. These messages come from various different sources causing your inbox to be filled with content that’s important such as a memo from the CEO, but also include newsletters and promotional offers. With Hop, your inbox is filtered between priority and non-priority messages with the power of AI. A designated priority mail inbox efficiently saves your time in the morning. By not being notified with unimportant emails, those distractions during a work day will be greatly reduced. And as you know, after each distraction you need 10–15 minutes to get back on topic with work you were doing before getting distracted.

As email was designed as a personal one-to-one communication platform, today the communication needs are much more complex. Hop — for that first time ever — integrates messaging and group messaging into email, so that you don’t have to change from email client to a messaging client. It also offers a very comprehensive search functionality that will save you a lot of time when you are looking for a certain message or attachment.

In fact there are many more reasons as to how Hop can save your time. With features such as quick replies, which save time from writing long written messages, to customized notifications, so you can instantly get notified from a received message. The bottom line is time saved, and a lot of it too.

We developed Hop as a tool for giving users the power to save time. With Hop, you avoid distractions, manage emails much faster, and save 30% of the time you would have needed for the same task. Again: Imagine what you can do with an extra hour each day!