The Challenge of Millennial Workflow

The workplace environment is rapidly changing, employers need to find ways to adapt and evolve for the younger generation.

Millennials are quickly becoming the most influential generation in our world today. As this generation is now finishing up college and beginning their careers, they are quickly taking over the workforce. When people think of millennials they usually have a conception labeling them as fast thinkers, rapidly changing preferences, boomed with too many online services, and heavy social media users. However this generation is the future driving force of the world’s economy.

The post-war generations who grew up in the 50’s and 60’s, had very different expectations from their job. They wanted a steady paycheck, and that was the way companies pulled in talent. Today the younger generation doesn’t just expect a salary, but rather they want meaning and a feeling of engagement in the workplace. This causes a new challenge for companies and employers who are trying to recruit. In fact the average employment tenure for the baby-boomer generation is 7 years, while millennial employees average at only 2 years!

“Instead of complaining about adapting for millennials, it’s imperative for leaders and managers to acknowledge the role of millennial behavior as an indication of the needs of the modern workplace to attract, leverage, and retain modern talent.” -Crystal Kadakia

If there’s one thing that can really frustrate millennial employees, it’s wasting time. A study conducted by TriNet showed how the process of expense reporting caused a drastic negative effect on employees. The results were overwhelming, 73 percent of employees reported a negative effect, with an even higher rate for millennials. In fact millennials were 24 percent more likely not to fill out a business expense, in order to avoid completing the tedious paperwork. We’re living in the age of AI and expense reporting shouldn’t still be a time waster.

Millennials are the most collaborative generation. They strive to work in teams and work better when teams are diverse. They believe a group can accomplish more by working together. Not just teamwork and collaboration, millennial employees tend to network much more than previous generations. They are the most connected generation and will network at any opportunity given.

Multitasking for millennials has become a way of life. In fact millennials tend to prefer working on several assignments concurrently. They can talk on the phone while answering emails, all while working on a presentation. Whether its for email marketing or customer support, their strong technological background allows for utilizing the right technology to their advantage. With all the tasks they have, using productivity services can help with managing everything. However, with all these different platforms out there, shuffling between services can really be strenuous. What they lack is a tool to bring it all together, a tool to unify all their communication needs, while still keeping their attention on track.

With their strong entrepreneurial mindset, millennials are constantly driving innovation. Being open to new ideas causes more openness and a will to join new projects such as startups. A study was conducted researching the biggest needs of small and medium businesses, found that interacting and acquiring new clients is the most important need. And yet, freelancers continually struggle to gain their clients attention.

Today email is the most widely used business communication platform however, it’s outdated and inefficient. It’s not organized, and people constantly shift between multiple different services just to send out a message. Someone might send a message on email while needing to shift back to dropbox to share a presentation, and then have to use their calendar to scheduling a meeting and to inform about it in their FB messenger. Services such as Slack, FB Workplace and others try to bring organization to make email obsolete. However all of them are centered around internal communication only, and thus resulting in many flaws.

That’s why freelancers and small and medium business love using Hop. It takes all business communication services and unifies it together on top of their existing email service. It enables your email to become like real time messaging, giving you more speed and efficiency. It creates an organized workspace, saving the constant need to shuffle between multiple platforms, apps and services. Unlike various available productivity platforms, Hop isn’t just internal but rather open. After all, the most important priority for small and medium businesses is their ability to interact and attract new customers. Therefore using an open service such as Hop seems like an obvious choice. Millennials have also gotten to love and appreciate using Hop Channels for collaborative communication with their clients, colleagues and friends .

“Recognize that millennials’ personal long-term goals may have nothing to do with their organizations’ long-term goals. Discover and facilitate their long-term goals, and they will be more inclined to help their organizations achieve success.” -Bill Capodagli

The world today is rapidly changing, it has become fast paced, highly connected, and very competitive. Allow your business to stay ahead of the curve by utilizing the most efficient business communication platform, Hop.