The Distractions Every Business Has

With so many distractions today, maintaining productivity has never been harder.

As a CEO of Fiverr, the world’s largest community of freelancers and lean entrepreneurs, we are obsessed with creating the best tools for freelancers to run their business effectively and effortlessly. Email is still the most popular way for business communication, but it is often taking too much attention. Hop is solving exactly that. -Micha Kaufman

When email was first released to the public, it seemed like humanity took a leap into the future. As time went on and with the advancement of technology, the Internet allowed for new services. Services such as instant messaging and social networks, began to take momentum, and emails capabilities began to seem primitive. E-mail is confusing. We aren’t born with the knowledge of what forwarding, CCing, BCCing, attaching, and other email features mean.

However, today email is still being widely used especially for business purposes. In fact, on average, the number of emails being sent per day is 205 billion! Email isn’t going away anytime soon as it is still being widely used for collaborating, sharing files, scheduling, and other business needs.

With the overwhelming amount of communication happening through email, problems are bound to happen. Most people know that feeling of logging into their email and being overwhelmed by the amount of unread messages. The buildup of your inbox is stressful, you can spend hours just sifting through messages, going through useless junk, and wasting valuable time. There are ways to fix all that, and to keep you and your business working in a happier, more productive, and more efficient way: by using Hop.

Your email inbox is flooded with content, and everyone has a limited attention span. Receiving emails such as promotional offers in the same inbox you receive those important business messages doesn’t really make much sense. Rather than logging in and seeing that important priority email first, your time can be wasted sifting through junk. Hop prioritizes your main inbox by conversations, allowing for focus on what really matters. Everything else such as non-priority messages automatically get sorted in a separate inbox, avoiding distractions.

Many businesses have their employees using a company domain for email. Hop includes a feature that allows for the creation of a designated channel for all those users. This will allow for a clean, organized, single folder that includes all those work related emails. With Hop, your inbox is smarter, cleaner, and keeps you focused.

When communicating with email, people tend to change the way in which they express themselves. People can become like robots, communicating in a formal, non personalized way that doesn’t accurately reflect their message. With Hop, your emails become more like real conversations. Hop hides the messy signatures, email headers, and quoted text giving your email a more personal feel.

A study was done to determine the most important needs of small and medium businesses. The results found that interacting with clients as the number one priority. In order to achieve the best interactions, clients need to feel like they are interacting with an attentive human who is there listening to them. This will help develop long lasting relationships between a business and its clients.

Sending an important email can serve as a distraction. Often times when we’re anxious for a reply, there is potential for getting sidetracked and a tendency to constantly check our inbox. This can be time consuming, frustrating, and serves as an obstacle for completing other tasks.

“No one ever got rich checking their email more often” -Noah Kagan

Hop can help with this. Hop enables for instant knowledge of when someone has opened and read your message. In fact you can personally customize notifications to your preference, allowing you to identify each contact with their own unique sound. Hop also includes a feature which lets you know when someone is typing a response in real time. After reading a message, if you want to reply with a quick and simple response, Hop enables you to tap the lighting icon for lighting fast replies.