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Welcome, Amrock Ventures!

From day one, Spiky has been working to create a more equal, healthier, and inclusive online working environment. Our job is not just about giving detailed insights about your meeting; we are here for more. We want to create an emotional memory for you, your team, and your company and help you improve your online and hybrid workplace culture.

We are proud to welcome Amrock Ventures to our group of forward-thinking determined investors!

Spiky helps employees to thrive and feel empowered in their organization. As the work environment becomes more flexible, platforms like Spiky allow us to better understand how we can make employees happier and healthier, and increase their potential. We are delighted to be an early investor in Spiky and are looking forward to contributing to their journey and success. — Hugo Chardon, Co-founder, Amrock Ventures

We are incredibly proud of our investors and happy to find powerful, innovative partners who believe in us and our mission. We are working non-stop to create an online working environment that is a dream for everyone worldwide. With the addition of Amrock Ventures, we are stronger than ever and here to change the online world!



Spiky uses the power of AI to gain insights into how well a sales meeting is going, identify areas for improvement, and determine the path of your way there.

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