Spill Them Beans
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Spill Them Beans

Coffee Break: Nothing Happens Once Its Broken

A creative nonfiction descriptive tale of a coffee break gone wrong on a summer’s day.

A tipped over coffee cup with the lid popped off on a sidewalk
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

The glare from the sun shined into my eyes with remarkable precision while walking to the coffee shop. Three crosswalks later the door to the favorite coffee haven was within view.

On the right side of the room, barstools the height of half a man lined the wall. The black…




Coffee shops are rich, full-bodied cups of community. Here, we tell the caffeine-fueled stories of humor & humanity that we’ve witnessed in the writer’s favorite environment. Open for submissions! See the pinned post for guidelines.

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Tas (they/them)

Tas (they/them)

We are autistic members of the disability community and hold various mental health diagnoses. We are advocates for social justice, writers and scholars of life.

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