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Spilling the Beans

Cries for President Trump’s Impeachment: The Number One Reason Why Trump Should NOT Be Impeached!

No one is above the law so, let Donald Trump lose the 2020 election so he can take his ass to jail.

Regardless of which political party you affiliate yourself with, the number one take-a-way that people should remember from the Judicial Committee’s interview of Robert Mueller is:

No one is above the law.

It doesn’t matter what your politics happen to be; there’s no way to deny that we’re seeing a separate set of rules in play. That is why I feel all the cries for impeachment of Donald Trump should come to an end.

Instead, concentrate on 1) NOT letting him win the next election, and 2) THROWING his ass in jail when he’s out of office.

When is Fair NOT Fair

When is fair not really fair? As far as I can tell, this happens when extenuating circumstances exist, like money (think of the recent Felicity Huffman college scam), or maybe status (hmmmm… let me see, like the office of president). Anyone with half a brain knows that things are not always fair. Fair treatment is often based on who you are, where you are, what you do or don’t have, and a whole lot of irrelevant factors.

I don’t need to spell out what my personal thoughts about Trumps politics are. I don’t have to describe the disgust I feel for his views on women, immigrants, climate change, or a whole slew of other topics. I don’t even have to tell you that I never liked the man even when he was on The Apprentice, long before he became president. I can show you that fair is not really fair when it comes to Donald Trump, by pointing to things that are public record. We have visible proof about his obvious special treatment and apparently his free pass to lie, cheat, steal and corrupt.

Seeds of Injustice

I believe the seeds of injustice buried deep in the current administration were planted early on. The primary seed to allow President Trump to do as he pleases was first sown before he even came into office. I’ve always wondered why whoever was in authority to do so, didn’t unequivocally demand candidate Donald Trump’s tax returns. Just like all other candidates, he should have been made to fully comply or not be allowed to run.

Do you think it was fair that he be an exception to the rule? I don’t. Since the tax issue was allowed to slide under the radar, people have been making exceptions for Trump ever since.

Crimes and Punishment

When it comes to crime and punishment, even the smallest child can recognize when they’re not being treated in the same way as their siblings. I grew up in five different foster homes, so I’ve had plenty occasions to see this in action. My foster parent’s “real” children practically always got special treatment. The foster children were sometimes disciplined, according to how long they’d been in the home, and their closeness to the foster family. The degree of fairness could fluctuate, based on a whim.

You can probably think of similar situations of unfair treatment in your own family dynamics. Have you ever had a family member who would do all sorts of dirt, and no one rebuke them or seem to care? Maybe it’s not intentional, or maybe it is, but for whatever reason, it still happens.

This is the situation with President Trump, and the level of turning a blind eye to his questionable, controversial and even illegal behavior. Everyone heard him state that he could commit murder on Fifth Avenue and still be accepted by his supporters. This suggests that all Trump supporters would disregard their moral, spiritual and intelligent views about murder, just for him. He clearly believes he can commit crimes and not be punished. I hope he’s wrong.

What Americans Want

Politicians on all sides are always making sweeping statements about “what the American people want,” but they don’t always really represent our true views. I don’t know what all Trump supporters want, I only know what the more vocal racists ones seem to represent and stand for. But not even those racist individuals should be okay with being used as pawns and treated like they’re stupid. Personally, I hate it when someone tries to insult my intelligence, I don’t care who it is. I for one, have sense enough to recognize B.S. when I see and hear it, even if I don’t always want to accept it.

With everything that is going on surrounding the President of the United States, everyone concerned ought to be thinking about what comes next. That includes Democrats, Republicans, Independents, everyone; even the non-voting individuals. How do you want to see this play out, and what do you think will happen if it goes your way?

Fearful Future

I fear what the future will bring because so far, Donald Trump has been able to give the appearance of no wrong doing, at least to his base. If he manages to win another election (either fairly or by hook or crook), what will the NEW JUSTICES SYSTEM look like going forward? With another four years of being above the law, I foresee a lot more than unfairness being on the horizon. This is only the beginning. If you’re a Trump supporter, I wonder:

How would you really feel if someone you know and love commits a crime and is sent to prison for some of the same illegal activities as Donald Trump? Should your loved one go to jail, while Trump remain free and clear (possibly to keep committing the crime)?

I actually watched the 3-hour long interview of Mueller, and I’ve also been keeping up with the publicized crimes and misdemeanors committed by Donald Trump. When the committee members provide the criteria for charging obstruction, it was broken down into three elements. It was also pointed out how all three of those elements had been met, based on the Mueller Report. I don’t know about anyone else, but that smells like jail time to me.

In this day and age, everyone has watched some kind of crime drama play out on television. Whether a movie, a show, or a real-life news event, we all recognize criminal activity, and we’ve seen how criminals are punished for those activities. It bugs me to think that me, you, and everyone else would be sitting in jail right now, for doing a whole lot less than this president is clearly guilty of doing.

I worry about cries for impeachment, because if he’s impeached, I’m not sure if they’ll still prosecute him for his numerous crimes. If they can impeach AND prosecute and give jail time, then I say go for it! Otherwise, somebody (anybody) better run a strong 2020 race so he loses, then they should start right away on indictment. After all, no one is above the law. Not even Donald Trump.

Thanks for choosing to read one of my Medium stories. Since the writing of this particular story, a lot has happened and I invite you to visit my Justiss Goode Medium profile and read some of my recent personal essays and miscellaneous life lessons that I know you will enjoy and benefit from.



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