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Freaky Seed Challenge: Grab a Jackpot from Spin

Have you ever dreamed of guessing a seed phrase from a wallet that will make you a richer person? If so, this challenge is for you.

We have designed a special one-month-long, fun contest with 12 puzzles to be solved for guessing the seed phrase from freakyseed.near wallet. The wallet balance will increase depending on the event engagement on Twitter: the more likes and RTs we get, the larger the jackpot is!

Ok, we’re sure you’re intrigued. Let’s reveal the details!

Challenge terms: How to win a jackpot?

Every week, we will publish 3 puzzles with 1 seed word encrypted in each riddle (12 seed words in total) on our Twitter, Discord, and Telegram channels. You should note that the seed word puzzles will go randomly, and you will learn the order of the words in the seed phrase together with the 12th riddle. The reason for this is to minimize the risk of the seed phrase being guessed before the last word puzzle.

The contest starts with 20 NEAR deposited to the freakyseed.near wallet. The balance will increase according to the challenge genesis post metrics growth on Twitter (the announcement will be pinned) as follows:

  • 200 likes & 50 RTs => 20 NEAR + 1 NFT from the Freaky Elves NFT collection (chosen randomly);
  • 400 likes & 150 RTs => 50 NEAR + 1 Freaky Elves NFT;
  • 800 likes & 300 RTs => 80 NEAR + 1 Freaky Elves NFT;
  • 1000 likes & 500 RTs => 100 NEAR + 2 Freaky Elves NFT (1 Mythic Freaky Elf #21!).

This way, the largest potential prize is 100 NEAR, 1 Mythic & 1 randomly chosen Freaky Elves NFT. Sounds like a great deal for solving 12 interesting puzzles, right?

There will be only one winner to grab the jackpot and win the challenge. But we’re sure every participant will enjoy solving the quests and guessing the seed phrase!

So, let’s get started. The first riddle will be published shortly!




Spin is a DeFi derivatives infrastructure built on NEAR Protocol, a reliable and scalable L1 solution. The on-chain order book solution offered by Spin provides a CEX-competitive experience to DeFi users.

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Spin is the first decentralized trading platform allowing for both futures and options trading built on Solana.

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