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Meet Freaky Elves — Spin’s Utility NFT Collection is Coming

To the delight of everyone who loves not only to trade futures and options, but also to collect NFTs, we are pleased to announce that we are releasing an amazing utility collection of Freaky Elves on NEAR Protocol. The generative art collection will consist of 2022 JPEGs, with each NFT having some great utility features including priority access to Spin’s IDO.

Over the next few weeks, we will be running contests and events that will allow you to win one of the bizarre elves and mint it for free. We have also decided to reward ‘the early birds’ who took part in testing the first version of Perpetuals Alpha with our 1:1 NFTs — the list of users whose feedback was valuable for our dev team will be published shortly.

For other users who join the NFT White List, minting one Freaky Elf will cost 0.7 NEAR, and the funds raised during the mint will be allocated to Spin’s community incentivization pool. All NFT holders will be able to suggest ideas on community activities to boost NFT collection performance and Spin DEX engagement, and vote on events to be funded from the pool.

Who are Freaky Elves?

Oh, Freaky Elves are insane crypto nerds & derivatives rangers! The Freaky Elves folk have several great skills and even an ultimate they can use to benefit the masters of trading (master is you, the future NFT holder). If you own a Freaky Elves NFT, you get access to all their powers:

  • Privileged access to Spin’s IDO — NFT holders will have a 100% chance to get an allocation during the public sale;
  • Premium access to future product features that may include special avatars, discounted fees, early access to alpha releases, and more;
  • Social features: NFT holders will get a special role on Discord and will be able to join a private chat to initiate some community activities and contests to be supported by the Spin marketing team and funded from the community incentivization pool.

As mentioned above, some users will be lucky to get a Freaky Elf for joining our contests and events; some will get them for having shared their valuable feedback on Spin’s Perps v1 alpha; and others will need to join the White List to mint them.

Getting onto the White List is easy: follow us on Twitter, join the Discord server, drop us your NEAR native address (user.near) — and after that, you’re good to go!

If you’re new to NEAR, read this guide on how to get started and create your first NEAR wallet.

Don’t forget to stay tuned to keep up with Spin’s events that give you a chance to win a Freaky Elf for free! Follow us on Twitter, Discord, Telegram and join the White List early!



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