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Ref Finance and Spin join forces to bring more liquidity to order book trading on NEAR Protocol

The Spin team is delighted to announce entering a strategic partnership with Ref Finance, aimed at popularizing on-chain trading on NEAR Protocol. What happens when the first on-chain order book meets the first AMM on NEAR? They join forces to ensure that the NEAR blockchain users can enjoy deep liquidity, abundance of trading pairs and excellent trading experience.

Earlier this month, Spin announced launching its first on-chain order book DEX on NEAR Protocol’s testnet that already features the core order book functionality. Once APIs and fees are integrated and market makers are onboarded, Spin will go mainnet. To ensure perfect user experience, Spin will need deep liquidity. Furthermore, Ref Finance enters the scene announcing its intention to aggregate its liquidity to Spin’s order book.

Ref Finance being a multi-purpose DeFi platform, was NEAR’s first AMM that now features over $70M in TVL and $1B in trading volume since inception. Its main objective is to become the one-stop DeFi shop on NEAR.

The two protocols strive to make the NEAR blockchain more popular among DeFi users and to bring more features to them. The partnership of Spin and Ref Finance will first and foremost focus on liquidity aggregation to Spin’s on-chain orderbook, as well as opening new markets for both Ref Finance’s and Spin’s protocol tokens.

The Ref Finance protocol token will be one of the first assets to be available for trading on Spin’s order book DEX — whilst Spin’s token will be tradable on Ref Finance. Additionally, Ref Finance will launch farming pools for Spin’s token.

In our mission to popularize the NEAR blockchain and provide more opportunities to DeFi users, the support of the community is very important. Join Spin and Ref Finance today!

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