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Spin is the first DEX to partner with NEAR-native mobile Opto Wallet

The news regarding Spin just continues to roll through the NEAR ecosystem and beyond. October 2022 was quite packed with news and announcements: We’ve released the public version of our on-chain Perpetual Contracts section – first of its kind on NEAR Protocol, hosted a NearX trading tournament, participated in several AMAs, Freaky Elves reached a Top2 position on Paras… Stunning news just start and today we’re delighted to announce our integration with Opto Wallet.

What’s Opto Wallet?

Opto Wallet is a new NEAR-native, non-custodial mobile wallet that supports many advanced features such as Staking, dApp Browser, Bio Authentication, Dark mode, WalletConnect 2.0, and Ledger integration via Bluetooth (NEAR-first!), so we were intrigued and felt working with them would be in Spin’s and the community’s best interests.

During the past months, there has been a ramp-up of new web wallets and Chrome extensions but not until now has there been a mobile wallet that offers more preferences to a Spin tradooorr. As a bonus, Opto Wallet still gives one the option to connect to dApps using the well-known NEAR web wallet and MyNEARWallet within the app.

We have successfully completed our integration with Optio — that means, you can now go to a specific tab known as “Market” to begin or continue your spot trading journey with our platform not only on the go but also with added security measures.

Just have a look at this beauty!

More news is coming!

Don’t forget to give Spin a follow on Twitter and join our Discord community to stay in the loop with the updates and news we’ve prepared for November! Q4 2022 is to be hot!



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Spin is a 360° decentralized trading platform on NEAR Protocol that enables Spot, Perpetual contracts, and Options trading.