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Spin partners with NearPay

Spin has been growing exponentially, launching our Mainnet with over 150k USDC trading volume and 10k trades in just 2 weeks, and we haven’t stopped there. Our team is constantly working on improving our functionality; we’ll be adding new trading pairs, integrating new order types, and improving GUI.

Today we’d like to announce that we are expanding our partnerships and partnering with NearPay. An easy-to-use payment solution integrated with a scalable and reliable Web3 ecosystem, NEAR protocol.

Our Strategic Partnership with NearPay

Spin has partnered with NearPay to provide users with a powerful solution for fast and safe fiat-to-crypto payments built on NEAR protocol. We plan to integrate the NearPay widget, which will simplify buying crypto with fiat currencies to give you the chance to join the NEAR ecosystem and enjoy all the unique features on Spin.

The NearPay widget will power payments for online and offline retailers, marketplaces, and software platforms. Our partnership with NearPay will benefit users with the most flexible payment solutions and an all-in-one user experience in fiat-to-crypto transactions.

What is NearPay?

NearPay was founded in 2021 by Switzerland-based Kikimora Labs and is the primary NEAR Protocol solution to offer users a convenient website widget for instant fiat-to-crypto transactions. NearPay aims to distribute virtual and physical prepaid cards for its retail users, further eliminating barriers to more efficient access to crypto payments.

The company is on a mission to bring new users to the DeFi and NEAR Protocol ecosystem by minimizing obstacles new businesses willing to enter the crypto ecosystem might encounter. Thus, helping those businesses develop and scale their products and services.

NearPay is a formidable fiat-to-crypto gateway authorizing safe and fast access to the products built on NEAR Protocol and the entire DeFi space for retail users. NearPay is also a solution for merchants to grow businesses globally by acquiring crypto payments with minimal fees, total transparency, and fast speed.

Discover Spin

Spin was founded in mid-June 2021 and is the first decentralized derivatives infrastructure and on-chain order book DEX on the NEAR Protocol network. Spin is constructing a solution for on-chain derivatives trading that enhanced CEX-competitive user experience in DeFi.

We have already released several parings on our Mainnet, including USN/USDC and USN/NEAR pairs as well as swapping feature that boasts the lowest fees on the market. Soon, we plan to add more features like new pairs, more order types, and derivatives trading, of course.

A Powerful Partnership Between Two Projects

Our partnership with NearPay strengthens our mission to deliver the best-decentralized trading experience. NearPay alone will help unlock the full potential of fiat-to-crypto payments, powered by the NEAR Protocol ecosystem, thus enabling Spin to get one step closer to the experience traders have on centralized exchanges.

Join our community and stay tuned with the Spin progress through Telegram, Twitter, and Discord.



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