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Spin Partners with Sender Wallet

The NEAR Protocol ecosystem is expanding, welcoming new solutions that make the overall user experience better and more convenient. One such solution is Sender Wallet, a non-custodial browser extension wallet based on NEAR that supports instant exchange, staking, and NFTs.

As an on-chain order book DEX that already offers the lowest fee swaps in the NEAR ecosystem, Spin is very excited to partner with Sender and open up more opportunities for NEAR Protocol users in terms of accurate asset pricing, lower fees, more advanced trading, and simple wallet connection!

The Spin and Sender Wallet partnership aims to improve the convenience of trading on the NEAR blockchain. The Sender wallet will be integrated with Spin, allowing users to choose from two options when connecting to Spin — NEAR’s browser wallet or Sender’s browser extension. Sender Wallet will soon integrate Ledger thus increasing the security of on-chain operations.

About Sender

As mentioned above, Sender is a non-custodial browser extension very similar to the popular Metamask but with more features. It is currently available in Chrome, Brave Browser, and some other Chrome-like browsers. Setting up Sender is quick and easy, all you need to do is install the extension, create a password, create or import a new account, and activate the new account by depositing 0.1 NEAR. After that, you’re good to start exploring the NEARverse!

About Spin

Spin is the first on-chain order book DEX on NEAR Protocol that further evolve into a decentralized derivatives infrastructure offering a wide range of derivative products. The company aims to provide the NEAR protocol users with a CEX-competitive experience entirely on-chain. The product is already live on the mainnet and has recently released an instant swaps feature that boasts the lowest fees in the ecosystem at the moment.

Join the fams!

Both Sender and Spin strive to make NEAR a better place for users, and the ecosystem support is important for both! So follow us on Twitter and join the communities:



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