The Advantages of Using a Marketing Influencer

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Marketing influencers are a hot topic at the moment. If you Google the phrase “marketing influencer” you will find an endless number of articles about the top influencers. Paid search results will display different agencies that can help you connect with these people.

If you think about how many users block ads, which makes it impossible to reach them with advertising, and combine this fact with how much time and effort it takes to create good quality content, a headache can quickly develop just talking about reaching and engaging with your audience. Thus it is not a surprise that more and more marketers and companies are choosing to use influencers.

An influencer is a person with a strong online presence and a large number of followers. He or she has the ability to impact an audience though the content they provide. Their followers tend to copy their style and way of life. If an influencer believes in a certain company, they can be great ambassadors.

By working with an influencer:

You access a large and loyal network
Who trust the influencer’s opinion
And takes their advice or comments to heart about a particular product or service

However, you need to make sure you are leveraging influencers in the proper way to get results. What can you expect and what should you monitor when running a campaign with an influencer?

  • Visibility
  • Brand recognition
  • Engagement
  • New leads and customers

It is not only about an influencer endorsing your company and products, but having the right influencer do so. It will serve you no good if the influencer you choose doesn’t have the right audience for YOU. What I mean by that is to ensure your clients or prospective clients are following the type of content currently provided by the potential influencer.

Also, if he or she is not creative enough in the way they present your product, the campaign may not have the desired results. People recognize when a recommendation is authentic. Furthermore, influencers are required by law to let the audience know when the endorsement is paid. However, if they are original, people tend to forget about the sponsorship and buy the product.

As with everything else in marketing, choosing an influencer needs to fit the overall strategy, not just be an isolated, one-off action. Influencers need to address the right audience in the right way.

Do you work with influencers? I would love to hear about your experiences!

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