July Talk
Oliver “Shiny” Blakemore

2600 AD: And Other Astonishing Tales

Mississippi Bones

Know what you might not have realized you need in your life? A southern swamp-rock band with “pulp-rags of the Golden Age of Sci-Fi” informed songwriting.

You might not yet have realized you need that in your life.

I think you need that in your life.

These dude’s’ll sneak up on ya’s, if’n your care lapses. I jus’ minded no business but mine, ponderin’ on the nature of no and thing, and felt like I were safe listening to some southern comfort style pickers with the clever idea to sometimes play banjo with their electric guitar and their storm-wind-voices. Just some more backwaters, washboard strokers, singing about the bayous and the river boats and givin’ a glimpse of a part of the world steeped enough in mysticism and in moisture that it hardly needs more evokin’ than the evokin’ its mildewed myths already cause.

Then you think you hear it…

“Cthulhu fhtagn…”

Then you wonder…

Then you rewind, and listen again.

Yes. You heard that.

That happened with one of their earlier albums. I was more prepared when I got to this one.

I haven’t listened too closely to the lyrics yet. Too excited just to have the album. So far, my impression is it’s a lot like the fourth season of Star Trek: It’s still Star Trek, just like you’ve always loved. Same characters, same tropes, same beats. Same ship. But now that they’ve hit their stride, you get that they knew what they were doing all along, more or less, and jus’ needed a little trust, and thank you very much for coming along for the ride so far.

They started well, and they’ve gotten better. Good shit, guys. Thanks for wrecking it around in subject matter that’ll get the book nerds howling.

Also, they’re nice people.

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