Dead Sara
Oliver “Shiny” Blakemore

A Calm Note from the West

Orbit Service


A bit…a lot like Depeche Mode with the emotion toned way in the chill direction and the sound tuned way toward trancing.

Trance… I like that word.

It suits this. Trance. Mm… This here is a real harnessing and maneuvering of quiet.

Far from my usual in many ways except the intelligence offered. Fair talent, here, at synthesizing a few different, seeming-unrelated things. There’s moments that sound like synth soundtrack from the ’80s. There’s moments that sound like new-agey meditation warbling. There’s moments that sound like that soft-edged dubstep you’re supposed to bliss out to.

It’s skating a bunch of different edges.

Again, I say interesting.

Thanks for the suggestion, Courtney.

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