Brendon Small’s Galaktikon
Oliver Shiny


Wicked Tinkers

If I were the type

(I’m the type. What am I talking about?)

Shut your face! Who’s doing this write up, me or me?

(Is that a real question?)

You going to let me finish or are you going to keep on demonstrating reasons why I should have taken that job with Blue Cross Blue Shield?

(I’m not sure I understand that reference.)

It was a soul-killing job joke…whatever. Jus’ hush for a minute. Let me get through this.

(You sure you want to?)

Yes. Are you going to hush for a second?

(If you’re sure.)

Shut your face.


Thank you.

(It’s your public hanging.)

Ignoring you.

(Suture self. See what I did there?)

Ignoring you even harder.

(Whatever, dude. You can do your lame bit now.)



Okay…. Now…since I’ve got some quiet. Here’s the bit.

If I were the type, I’d totally review this album with the words:

“Oh no you didgeri-didn’t!”

Full on Valley Girl.



(You proud of yourself?)

Yeah, I think so.

(You shouldn’t be.)

I think it’s a pretty good bit. You can’t often say anything about bagpipe/didgeridoo ensembles. There just aren’t that many of them around.

(This is why we’ll never have any friends.)

Ah, that makes me smile. Didgeri-didn’t. Heh.

(We’re never speaking of this.)

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