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Spotify: Spotty fire? Maybe.

Bloody good shredders of the garage/punk persuasion. When I decided to write about them, I figured I ought to read up on them. Discovered cool things.

They’re three brothers, so that’s cool.

And they were home schooled, and that’s dope.

And they’re black dudes, and that rocks my socks.

If there’s one criminally underrepresented demographic in the arena of bloody good shredders of the garage/punk persuasion, it’s the black, home schooled, family unit.

Conceptually, I think of this recommendation as a sequel to ROCKISDEAD by Dorothy, and conceptually I feel like Radkey is like Beastie Boys’ opposite number.

It’s like a sequel to ROCKISDEAD by Dorothy in the sense that Dorothy is a rough-and-ready crass of punks, and phrases like “even though they have a girl frontperson” don’t come into it. They don’t “keep up.” They crush their own right in every way. They are Dorothy, and it makes no sense to think of their feminine traits as a novelty, which would be stupid anyway. They’re good wreckers, case in point. Further discussion only relevant in areas of taste and talent.

Radkey’s like that. They’re bloody good shredders. Ain’t no “even though…” about it. They own this shit.

I say it like this ’cause too often, and not reasonably, it seems like we’ll emphasize when underrepresented demographics break into unusual genres. Like we’ll consider it some sort of charming novelty that she wants to drum for that band, or that he’s a Navajo and playing bass — isn’t that charming. Then we’ll say stupid shit like, “pretty good, even though they’re [whatever].”

No. Fuck that. Stop it. They’re just good at what they do. Just as the Beastie Boys are just the Beastie Boys, not “those white rappers,” Radkey is just Radkey, some bloody good shredders, not “those black punks.” It’s cool to see, just because the punk scene is pretty lean on variety. But, aside from being satisfying — I think — it’s not a thing.

Radkey own what they do. I love their music.

Got to say, though, it’s wicked sweet to have some home schooled boys wrecking the shit out of the punk scene.

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