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One of rock and roll’s great tragedies: Some amazing bands can’t stick it. For whatever reason, they just can’t make a solid go of it.

Several years ago, I did something I almost never do. I picked up a magazine. It was one of these music promotion rags, like Rolling Stone but smaller time. It had a spread in the middle of a few new bands — a “check out this new talent” style of deal.

I didn’t know anything about those bands. Never heard anything about them, and after reading about them I knew nothing more about them than what the little blurbs said.

For whatever reason, that day, those bands, those verbally forgettable blurbs, somehow hooked into me. I remembered both of those bands for years after. Then, finally, went to listen to them.

One of those bands was Viking Skull. Stick around for words on them.

The other was Endeverafter.


I didn’t feel nearly as bad after finally listening to Endeverafter as I felt after finishing the last episode of Firefly, but I did experience that kind of emotion. That feeling that, not only was it over, not only would there never be any more, but it had been so long dead that the fingernail scratches on its coffin lid had gone soft around the edges with age.

I felt like that about Firefly. I felt like that, but much smaller, about poor, defunct, well-glam-metaled Endeverafter.

Final thought: These dudes do a cover right. Not too far from the source. Not too much of a clone. They own “I Want to Be Your Man” without warping it.

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