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Music for the Massive

Apartment 26

The spottiest fie you’ll see today. Spotify!

It’s been a while since I’ve muttered, “Oh, that’s clever,” as often as I am listening to this one.

It’s a bit hard to describe this album. They’re sort of like if some dudes decided to start a band that fit into all the genres for concerts they’d ever attended. Except they’d never bothered going into any of the concerts. They’d only smoked with the bands waiting to go up or who’d already performed, who stood around in the alley out behind the venue, swapping stories and talking shop. From there, the Apartment 26 dudes would have heard snippets from the bands that were on inside the venue, but never a whole concert.

There’s, like, metal in this, but there’s also swing. And there’s ’80’s new wave, and ’90's party rock. There’s like underground industrial in this album, and moments when I think “these dudes heard that bit in that Depeche Mode song,” and bits when I think “I don’t think they heard much Cure, but that moment seemed to have made an impact on them,” and moments when I’m like “they must have had some buddies in a ska band.”

Then there’s the breaks to reminisce on The Police and arena rock.

And the moments that are making me go, “They spent some time in Central America.”

Which then break back into the ’90s party rock stuff…

The hell?

There’s just…just a bunch of moments to say, “Oh, that’s clever.”

I like this album. It’s pleasant. Although, if you’re listening close, it makes less sense than it sounds like it’s making. At the same time, it makes perfect sense.

So I guess the answer is don’t overthink it.

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