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For the Lord of the Rings fans out there, in a strange twist of irony, this would sort of be how Elves would sound if they started a metal band. These dudes are Finnish, and Finnish is one of the languages that Mr. Tolkien used when writing up the vocabulary and grammar for Quenya, the language of the high elves.

So…I guess that if you ever wanted to know what a bunch of Dwarves singing in Elvish sounded like, then these dudes are the dudes for you.

Also, in case you feel like your life simply will not be complete without a Finnish cover of that old teen movie classic, “Mony Mony” covered by Billy Idol and originally by Tommy James and the Shondells, then this is also the album for you. I didn’t realize I needed this in my life till just now. It turns out I have only been a partial person.

Korpiklaani also provides a compelling argument in favor of counting the accordion among the holiest of metal instruments.

Prepare for face-melting accordion solos.

Basically, there’s something in this album for everyone.

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