The Best Years of Our Lives
Oliver “Shiny” Blakemore

Songs of the American Longhair

Brother Dege

Call me Spotty. Fie Spotty. (Spotify! Your friend in spying since never.)

Contesting for place among my most favored albums, Brother Dege competes with the lowest tech tools of anyone on the list. Everything about the unmodified slide guitar and the minimal percussion of this album feels intimate and immediate. Brother Dege Legg howls like he defies the capture of recording and the distance of time and stands in the room with you, caterwailing his grit-voiced poetry in wobbling of inescapable reality.

He’s quieter, subtler, far less augmented than almost every other artist contesting for place in the heights of my favorite albums. Even being a relative cave man to the future artisans I usually like, on many days I think Brother Dege can out-wreck, out-shred, out-metal the kilts of those other guys.

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