[SPIN Protocol X Womanstalk] “Celeb Marketplace” is now open !

Hi Spinners!

Today we are back with the big news!

Womanstalk, in collaboration with SPIN Protocol, launched its beta service of ‘Celeb Marketplace,’ an online shop for influencers to sell products through group buying. (if you are not familiar with “group buying”, please refer to this wikipedia page : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Group_buying)

SPIN Protocol will leverage the network of more than 100 influencers and approximately 1.5 million users to make strong use cases. As the service is relatively easy to understand and accessible to the general public, we believe that it is a good chance for the users to experience and embrace the blockchain technology.

Now, let’s have a look at our new beta service!

The service can be found on the main page of Womanstalk website and mobile application. On the top left corner, you can find the menu ‘Celeb Marketplace’ (‘Celeb Gongu’ in Korean).

You will be probably wondering which influencers joined the service! If you click on ‘OUR CELEB’S’, You will see the list of our celebs!

Do you recognize any faces?

Let’s have a look at Emma’s shop.

As shown above, influencers can make their own shop on Womanstalk platform and sell products online. SPIN Protocol is planning to expand the network of influencers and build SPIN token ecosystem using smart contract technology in the first half of the year.

Regardless of currency, SPIN token will be used for any transaction on global e-commerce platform. Token reward will be given to users who purchase items with SPIN tokens and special deals will be offered to token holding consumers.

We look forward to expanding our network as new influencers join our service. We are continuously exploring the potential influencers who have shown the sales performance and will update you soon!

Join us SPIN Protocol!

It’s about time to shine!

About SPIN Protocol

SPIN Protocol is a decentralized commerce ecosystem for social influencers. We empower suppliers to reach target influencers directly without any intermediary parties to sell their products worldwide. Anyone could be an influencer of their interest, and monetize their fame by selling relevant products of their choice.

► Official Telegram Group: https://t.me/spinprotocol