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I‘m Afraid to Face Reality

Advice for those who want it

Dear Olive,

For most of my life I’ve stayed in my shell because it feels safe. But now I’ve come to a point in my life where I have to make decisions for my future. I can’t hide from the inevitable any longer. I’m 19, and whether I want to or not, I have to face reality. But I can’t help but feel afraid, unsure and insecure about what is best for me and what choices to make. At times it feels so overwhelming that I feel hopeless, and I question how can I survive or even live in this reality that I’ve tried to avoid all my life? How do I push past my fears and make something of myself that I can be proud of or happy with?


Trapped in My Fears and Constant Self-doubt

Dear Trapped in My Fears,
— Olive

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