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My Grandma’s Recipe for Smoked Salmon




Comics for life, brought to life by Edith Zimmerman.

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Jørn Utzon Tower Svaneke

Live in the moment, kids!

Cartoon of a man sitting on a surfboard in the ocean looking at an open laptop. A woman sitting on a surfboard next to him says Come on, it’s spring break. Quit looking at your laptop. Another man sitting on a laptop next to her is holding his phone and says Hey, I got today’s Wordle in two!

1,000 piece puzzle


I have already left Medium.

Bounty Killer | TVJ Entertainment Report — May 6 2022

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Jef Harmatz

Jef Harmatz

Cartoonist. Send a letter to PO Box 189, Joshua Tree, CA 92252 More at exquisiteradish.com

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