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Letter sent on Aug 27

Newsletter 14: How can I be happy and single?

Hello and welcome again to the Spiralbound newsletter, in which we link to our own stories and to great stories elsewhere. First up: the features we ran last week:

  • Ask Olive: How Can I Be Happy and Single? It’s the return of our new comics advice column, where the questions are typed but the answers are illustrated — come by and let us know what you think. (And submit a question, too, if you like: askoliveforhelp@gmail.com.) I’ll put another teaser from her answer at the end of this newsletter.
  • Raccoon Residential,” by Deb Lucke. “What was that? I thought. I’d never seen such a thing. And then it dawned on me...”
  • In the Park,” by Tom Daly. “Some days I really miss the younger versions of my children.”
  • Total Madness,” by Jamaica Dyer. Recollections of the 2017 total eclipse (a year ago last week!), and “a journey into the heart of Oregon.” (What were you doing?)


“Despite our fundamental incompatibility, my husband and I were each other’s best friend and preferred conversation partner.”

That’s it for now, but we’ll be back later this week. In parting, here’s one more panel from Olive’s latest:

Thanks for reading,

-Edith Z.