Getting started with the Spire app

You’ve got your Spire, you’re wearing it correctly, and connected your Spire with the app. Great job! This is a big deal!

Now let’s go through 5 primary features of the Spire app.

1. See what your breathwave looks like now

Tap the circle at the top of the Home screen. (The wave will be smoothest when you are seated.)


The breathwave will zoom in and out as your breathing pattern changes. Be patient: this is normal and is necessary to ensure you can see the wave clearly.

See if you can relax such that the wave goes up and down with smooth, long, gradual slopes. This is a quick ‘check-in’ you can use any time to relax.

2. Set up notifications

This was our most requested feature! Now you can set Spire to notify you of shallow breathing.

Go into ‘Settings’ then tap ‘Streaks’ then choose each of the Notifications you want to set.


We often recommend turning the ‘Buzz my Spire’ option ON. Give it a chance: it may grow on you. :-)

For example, setting the Tense notification for 5 minutes means you want Spire to notify you if you’re in a period of tension that is lasting at least 5 minutes long. When that happens, Spire will notify you of the Tension and give you an option to do a Calm Boost. If you tap that, you’ll be guided with spoken audio in how to bring your breathing down to a calm pattern.

3. Discover what’s happening when you’re unaware

Spire tracks your steps when you’re on the move and your state of mind when you’re not. (FYI: Spire won’t, for now, tell you that you were ‘walking + calm’ or ‘running + focus’ — it will only show 1 state at a time.)

IMG_0641 (1)

Here, it’s 11:33am when I checked the app and saw that I was breathing calmly starting from 11:08am, lasting 24 minutes.

You can tap these cards to flip them and see more details.


Here, I flipped a Focus streak card to see its details. The graph plots Focus Score over the streak duration — calculated as a combination of respiration rate and consistency, shown below it. My respiration rate for that period of time was 17.7 breaths per minute and has a 31% consistency score, a metric of how much variability your respiration rate saw during the streak.

4. See how your day is going

Check the Progress screen to see how much time you’ve spent in different states.


Tap each blade on the pinwheel to see its data. This can give you an excuse to unwind, take a walk — or even to put those distractions away and get focused! :-)

Here, I see my goal is to get 10,000 steps and I’ve had 8,741 so far in 95 minutes while burning 3,102 calories.


When I tap the blue blade, I see my goal is to have 60 minutes of Focus and that I achieved 92 minutes on that day (across 16 different streaks of time).


Tapping the green blade shows me my Calm stats for that day. My goal is 60 minutes and I’ve reached 68 minutes of calm in 15 different parts of my day. I also had 4 minutes of distinct Tension.

5. Be breath-aware — and control your day

Just by wearing Spire, you may feel more aware of your breathing and how it fluctuates based on thoughts and emotions. This can help you know when you are thinking clearly or feeling reactive.

Whenever you think of your breath, use it as a reminder to:

(1) release any unnecessary tension in your face and body

(2) check to see if your thoughts and actions are in line with your personal values

And that moment, spread throughout our daily lives, can make all the difference.

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