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Note from the editor

We’re trying to make the future of digital interactions better: both with virtual humans, and with real humans. We build two things: Character Engine, a tool which lets you easily create dynamic, autonomous characters who can improvise according to an agenda or narrative that they have whether that is for video games/entertainment, education, customer service, or beyond. And there’s also Ally, a tool for detecting and intervening in the social landscape of online communities — to curtail online harassment, or to promote positive behaviour. This is a place for our executives and senior team members to share their thoughts on the current landscape of AI and related tech.

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CO-FOUNDER & Chief Creative
Mitu Khandaker
🇧🇩 Brit in NYC • ✨ CEO, Glow Up Games • 🕹 Game Designer & Engineer • 👩🏾‍🏫 Professor NYU Game Center • 👩🏾‍🎓 Dr of VR • 👸🏾 Mad ethnic right now.
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Emily Short
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Christopher Hooks
Product Manager for Ally @ http://SpiritAI.com • Cross Platform Polyglot Software Engineer & Architect
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Aaron A. Reed
Writer and game designer interested in the future and history of interactive narrative. https://aaronareed.net/ https://igg.me/at/subcutanean
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Peter Alau
Peter helps companies reduce online harassment and toxicity as the Director of Business Development at Spirit AI.
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Renee Gittins
Renee is a Solutions Architect at Spirit AI, and passionate advocate and connector for developers and diversity in the game industry.
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