Renee Gittins
May 3 · 2 min read

We are excited to provide a preview of the new planned features for the 0.11.0 version of Spirit AI’s Character Engine. These features greatly expand the functionality, flexibility, and usability of the Character Engine.

Online Classifiers

Character Engine has previously used custom created classifiers for interpreting natural language input. A benefit of these classifiers is that they allow for Character Engine to interpret input without an Internet connection.

Many companies have systems that are tuned around classifiers hosted by other services, such as Watson Assistant’s intent classifiers. Character Engine 0.11.0 enables the continued use of these online classifiers purely or in addition to Character Engine’s own classifiers. This allows for great flexibility and power when authoring natural language interpretations and content.

In-Tool Testing

While Character Engine’s quick export of authored content allowed for testing in the provided Conversation Sandbox project, we recognized that running the Conversation Sandbox in Unity was an unnecessary step in the testing process. Thus, in Character Engine 0.11.0, we have built in-tool testing that allows for the immediate testing of authored content in Character Engine Authoring Tool.

In addition to this in-tool testing view, there are also added tools for debugging the content and determining the paths Character Engine took to craft character responses. These features allow for easier understanding and quicker tuning of content.

Mergeable and Readable Save Format

Character Engine is maintaining its support for our legacy save format, .aiproj, but we are introducing a new save format, .sheaf. The Sheaf format consists of a nested directory of text files.

These text files are written in a form of a markup language called TOML. This is simple, unambiguous, and easy for programs to read and write. Changes in one part of a file tend not to need changes elsewhere, so it’s good for source control. This format is also human-readable, and well suited for staging unit tests.

The format also allows for better merging when multiple authors are working on the same content and supports intuitive merge conflict resolution with its readable format.

We hope everyone finds these improvements as exciting as we do. Stay tuned for announcement of the Character Engine 0.11.0 release and more information about these helpful new features!

Spirit AI

AI for humans

Renee Gittins

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Renee is a Solutions Architect at Spirit AI, and passionate advocate and connector for developers and diversity in the game industry.

Spirit AI

Spirit AI

AI for humans

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