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3 Ways Technology Can Help Build a Better World

Why Tech’s exponential growth will push humanity over the cliff, according to Daniel Smachtenberger

Photo by Yuyeung Lau on Unsplash

If we believe we should leave everything to technology to solve all of our problems, we’re basically fucked.

That’s my translation of one of the core messages from deep thinker and thought leader Daniel Smachtenberger. Daniel is specialized in catastrophic risk analyses.

He’s a busy man lately.

And he’s showing us a way out, or better said, he has the capacity to think himself a way out to…well, most of our current big issues.

How cool is that!

A major one is our exponentially growing big tech.

In a recent Podcast from Mariana Bozesan, Daniel gives an inspiring outlook on how our modern technology can help us forward towards a more transparent, less corrupt civilization where education is at the core of empowering people for better sense-making.

These are, according to Daniel, 3 areas where tech can help us grow as humans and support us in building a better world>>>

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