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9 Bitcoin Fundamentals Revealed for Surviving any Crypto Crash

Learn about these elements to relax when the market corrects

Photo by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash

Zooming out from any market always is the best idea when the going gets tough. When assets lose 70% of their value while you watch your portfolio tumble down the staircase and your emotions follow.

With Bitcoin no exception.

As Bitcoin has grown more into maturity, it has survived several attacks, has improved baked-in blockchain weaknesses, needs to face constant energy FUD and has to deal with a constant witch hunt from traditional media.

Bitcoin survived all of this and had its most glorious year ever: 2021

It surpassed the magic 1 trillion market cap, out-competed the British pound as currency, has 100+ traditional Wallstreet big guys buying in its story with Michael Saylor as the frontrunner, and is playing with Elon Musk giving Elon the illusion he can play with Bitcoin.

Let’s break Bitcoins price down to digestible elements that you easily can understand.

Checking out these 9 fundamentals for Bitcoin’s price will make ready for any future huge Crypro crash and enjoy this one >>>

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