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A $100.000,- Bitcoin or Bear Market — That’s the question

Now the Bitcoin Euphoria Cooled Down — Learn in what Crypto Season we are

Lucien Lecarme
May 23 · 1 min read
Photo by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash

The wonderful world of Crypto, Bitcoin and Alt-coins has 4 seasons.

You have to be aware of what season you’re buying into the revolution of money. When you don’t, your chances to survive the ice-cold polar storms in Crypto winter will be small.

The real insiders talk about Alt season during the complete Crypto winter or bear market. They’re obsessed with the outlandish gains you can make. And lose.

Maybe we just let that season behind and find ourselves in Crypto autumn, we will notice soon enough.

For now, in this lagoon of Crypto madness, this Interbellum of price explosions, take a back seat and learn about Crypto seasons.

This is what you need to know about the 4 Crypto seasons to turn from weak hands into an iron Crypto long term fist>>>

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